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Helping Leaders Succeed

Whether you run a nonprofit, a small business, or you're looking at your career path - you have goals. Day-to-day responsibilities and challenges can often pull us off course.

At Athena Coaching & Consulting we help leaders calm the chaos that keeps them from reaching their business and leadership goals.

About Us

Athena Coaching & Consulting helps nonprofit organizations, small businesses, and individuals to not just succeed – to excel. We know how to get to the heart of the issues that are holding back leaders, businesses and organizations by simplifying organizational and management concepts. This enables leaders to gain more time to focus on what’s important to them.

Our passion is supporting nonprofit organizations, female executives and women-owned/led businesses. The Athena mission is to make the world a better place by strengthening cause-driven organizations and empowering women to pursue their career goals, lead their teams to success, and conquer the business world!

Our Services

Nonprofit Consulting

Leading any business is challenging, and we know that running a nonprofit organization presents the additional demands of developing and leading a board, focusing on your mission, and of course: fundraising. Our expertise in this arena can help you take your organization to it’s full potential.

Executive Coaching

Whether you are navigating a new role, a seasoned executive looking to reach the next level, or seeking assistance with problem solving, our client-focused approach will help you move forward. We believe the answers are within you, but sometimes you need guidance to find clarity – that’s where Coaching comes in.


Business Consulting

We provide general business consulting to help business owners overcome a variety of obstacles including Organizational Structure, Operations and Processes, Staff Development, Meeting Facilitation, Training, Culture and Values Alignment, and much, much more! 

Wellness Coaching

Being a great leader is extremely demanding. Your team and your business are relying on you. In order to take care of others, you must first take care of yourself. Every individual is different and everyone’s wellness goals are different. We help busy leaders set realistic goals that align with their lives and their vision for wellness.

Training & Facilitation

Team Development is one of the most important things you can do to ensure the success of your company! Yet, who has time? Athena creates customized training, meetings, and retreats for your staff and volunteers. With quality training and communication your business will thrive!

What Our Clients Say About Us

veronica c
“We were in need for guidance on how to start a fundraising campaign. I just mentioned this to Kim and she offered her time and skills to help us not only get organized around fundraising but to actually have our case statement and elevator pitch ready to go. Kim was highly effective and empathetic on understanding our needs, our vision and the direction we wanted to go. She offered her extensive expertise in nonprofits and management in a very humble way, volunteering her time and talents to help us get started. Kim did an exceptional contribution to our organization and I am extremely satisfied with the end result. Her passion to help others succeed is evident, and her professionalism is extraordinary.”
Veronica C.
“I had the pleasure of having Kim teach me how to train front line and wellness staff for the YMCA, as well as be her training partner over the course of several years. Kim is relentlessly hopeful. Her passion to meet people where they are, listen and hold space for them, and encourage their own ideas and accountability is truly remarkable. Kim has a gift. She is patient and allows for exploration of all ideas; she is firm with goals and forward movement, but at a pace which is supportive and holistic. Kim is insightful and open. She is eager to help people feel empowered and realistically confident, no matter the challenges to the goals before them. Every time I had the opportunity to see Kim coach a training participant, it was always amazing to see the process unfold and for true breakthroughs to happen. Coaching is a fascinating endeavor and it is exciting to be the focus of coaching sessions with someone as skilled as Kim. It is a uniquely positive and motivating experience I have witnessed and been part of many, many times. There is an energy about it that Kim captures by being fully present.”
Sarah W.
"I was fortunate to have Kim as my supervisor while working for a local non-profit. Kim leads by example and devotes time to your personal and professional growth. She is truly an exceptional leader which is why your company would not only gain an insight into better work practices, but also how to connect with your staff personally. I grew into the leader I am today because of her dedication and devotion to making the workplace the best venue for professional growth."
Austin M.
"I owe Kim so much gratitude for her role in developing me as a leader in the nonprofit field for nearly 20-years now. Kim was great in the early part of my career in identifying skills and learning opportunities that I really needed in order to develop my skill sets and competencies to really be effective and grow my influence and my role. She was always great at holding me accountable and stretching me in ways that helped me achieve what I wanted. Firm when needed to be, but always supportive. Kim is an outstanding leader and mentor. I highly encourage you to partner with her to develop your skills and leadership toward where you want to go in your career. "
Eric K.