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Mission Monday ~ envida

The word envida, rooted in Latin, translates to mean “together in life.” That’s exactly the commitment of the nonprofit organization envida. They come together to ensure our entire community is able to live their lives fully. By providing transportation and homecare services to individuals with disabilities, older adults and those experiencing financial challenges, they help make this possible.

Getting around and staying in your home are essential to health and happiness. For nearly 50 years envida has transported clients to medical appointments, work, classes, recreational activities and more! With a fleet of 50 vehicles; as well as community based volunteers, envida is able to serve clients with recurring needs or single rides.

I had the pleasure of visiting with Gail Nehls, CEO of envida for the past 11 years. Gail is passionate about continuing to address this growing need in our community. She wishes more people knew that envida is here and accessible to many who can benefit from their services. Gail has a vision of expanding services to provide more weekend rides, and more accessibility in the outlying parts of the Colorado Springs metro area.

Their volunteer program involves neighbors helping neighbors. This is an opportunity for growth for this agency. Currently envida is seeking volunteers in Monument, to help with short rides around town. If you are interested in helping occasionally or on a regular basis, email them to learn more.

Right now envida’s biggest challenge, like many nonprofit organizations, is revenue. Demand continues to grow and resources remain limited. As a result, they are currently in need of a Grant Writer, a Business Development Specialist, and an Administrator skilled in reporting. If you have interest in helping ensure mobility and home-based living (or know someone who would be a great fit), reach out to Gail or check out their employment page.

Discover the difference envida is making in our community on their website.

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