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If Your Lips are Moving . . .

If your lips are moving . . . you should be connecting the dots.

What? What dots?

The dots between every single person on your team and the vision or mission of your business. Every full-time staff, part-time staff, and volunteer should understand how the job they are doing helps to advance your company and get it to where you want it to be in one-year, three-years and 10-years. If you’re not there, read on.

First and foremost, you need to be crystal clear on what your vision or mission is. You need to hash it out. Examine every word. Challenge the concepts. Do this until you are super confident about where the company is going and how you will get there. Include your values, your unique deliverables, your target customer, and how you will serve them.

Once you feel great about where you’re going, work on your talking points. Create a little speech. Practice it. Then, every time you are in front of your team, recite it. You might not give the whole thing every time, but use parts of it over and over.

One CEO who was quite skilled at this concept created a tagline in addition to the company mission. He said the tagline aaalllllllll the time. He had it printed on gifts he gave out. Staff made fun of it. Years later they still say it. And that’s the goal. You want your team members to hear the vision so often that they get sick of it. Every single person in that agency knew why their job was important and how it connected to the vision and mission.

As the leader of a business or nonprofit, articulating your vision/mission and values is the most important thing that will come out of your mouth on any given day. This is even more important during a crisis, like say – a global pandemic. Right now even your most steadfast team members are likely feeling a level of uncertainty. By leading with optimism and sharing your continued commitment to the vision, you will be supporting your people. I’m not suggesting that you sugar coat anything. Be honest. Share challenges and changes you are making to strategies or modified expectations. And continue to express where you’re taking the company and how they will help you get there.

Imagine the power of having every single team member laser focused on your vision/mission. Imagine all decisions being made with the company values in mind; as well as the impact on the customer and the services or goods you are providing. Imagine staff who know your vision so well that they can recite it. Need help getting there? I would love to help! Email me at

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