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Mission Monday ~ Pikes Peak Elder Justice Center

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting with Mayling Rodriguez, the inaugural Executive Director for the Pikes Peak Elder Justice Center. While this organization has been around a while, serving our community, it has just recently become a 501(c)3 and hired its first Exec. 

Their mission is to provide a community response working toward preventing and eliminating elder abuse in the Pikes Peak region and beyond, through identifying victims of mistreatment, creating safe shelter for them. Their new structure is giving PPEJC the opportunity to deepen their impact in the community. 

PPEJC envisions a community in which people in later life can live in safety, dignity and with respect. To do this they take a three pronged approach to supporting our most vulnerable seniors. Programming includes Elder Shelter, Fiduciary Education, and coordinated services through their Forensic Team. Learn more about their work on their website

I was surprised to learn of the proliferation of elder abuse in our society. Despite this sad trend, in Mayling’s new leadership role, she has chosen to focus the energy of the organization on hopefulness. Being a source for services and support makes PPEJC a beacon of hope in an otherwise devastating situation.

Mayling wishes more people knew about this problem and could help to expand the awareness of the resources and services available. You can help to spread the word by forwarding this article to others who may have interest or needs that PPEJC could help with. To learn more about their work, or to get involved, reach out to Mayling or follow them on Facebook.

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