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Mission Monday – Wholly Kicks
Wholly Kicks

There are many agencies dedicated to helping the economically challenged and housing insecure. The thing that sets Wholly Kicks apart is their dedication to walking with their clients. They see them as equals, because many of the leaders at Wholly Kicks have been in the same place at some point in their lives.

On the surface Wholly Kicks is about getting new shoes to people who cannot afford them. And they have done this very well! Over the past couple of years they have given out over 5,200 pairs of shoes. More importantly than the shoes, they have become an organization dedicated to relationships. By providing love and support, Wholly Kicks has developed a highly diverse leadership team from the people they have helped. These folks are uniquely positioned to meet clients where they are and provide compassion and dignity.

Tyg Taylor is the Founder and Executive Director of Wholly Kicks. He is passionate about walking with and alongside those in challenging situations by providing a few basic items for everyday life. In addition, he is committed to delivering support and compassion to empower others to consider a life that is deserving to be felt whole. Tyg wishes that more people knew about Wholly Kicks, but he also wants people to know that there is a story behind every person who receives shoes. Shoes are A thing, not THE thing.

You can connect with Wholly Kicks through their Facebook page or on Instragram. Tyg is always looking for volunteers and could especially use Spanish speakers at many of their distribution events. You can also get involved by making a monetary donation or a donation of new shoes. Learn how here or reach out to

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