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Funding Your
Start-up Nonprofit

Thursday, November 10th | 1:30pm - 5pm

Every nonprofit needs money. Unfortunately, this is where many organizations want to start – with fundraising. Jumping right into raising money is like building a house without a foundation. It might work for a while, but it’s not going to last. This course will help you create a solid foundation for fundraising and other income development success, maximum mission impact, and long-term sustainability. Participants will come away with knowledge for building their board, basic best practices for fundraising, and a strong understanding of the grant application process.

Business Coach Checklist

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Your Personal Life Coach

Take a look at the book co-authored by Kim Stewart named, "Your Personal Life Coach: Answers to Your Coaching Questions and Why it Matters."

Your Personal Life Coach, the first in a series of coaching books, gives you the tools to be encouraged and inspired to be the best version of yourself. Lisa Lavergne and Frank Sinclair have enlisted coaching insights from some of the leading coaches to answer your coaching questions and give you a start to your roadmap of success.
Follow Sarah on her journey as she engages with a coach for the first time, and discovers more about herself. Read what the other coaches are saying about how you can take your own journey. With action steps at the end of each chapter you are encouraged to not just read but take that step you have been wanting to take.

Board Volunteers:

10 Signs You're Leading a Toxic Organization

As a Board Volunteer, you have many responsibilities to the agency you are leading. One factor frequently overlooked is your role in culture and organizational effectiveness. This is often left to the Executive or CEO. When the leader creates a positive, functional environment, there usually isn’t a need for the Board to give it any attention. Problems arise when the Exec or CEO has not created a positive culture and dysfunction begins to take over.

As a volunteer, it can be difficult to know when things are “off.” That’s why it’s important to understand what to look for. This guide will help you determine if you have reasons to be concerned. Share with other volunteers to see if you need to take action.

Calm the Chaos

Claim your checklist and learn how you can gain control of your business and find time to focus on what is important to you!

Let me help you grow your business and find more time by aligning all of your people, processes and practices with the vision you have for your business.