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Start-up Nonprofit

You have identified a problem and have unique ideas on how to solve it. Starting a nonprofit is a great option! However, there is a lot that goes into creating an organization that will provide impact and make the world a better place. Based on your needs and your capacity we will coach you on your plan, assisting with bringing your dream to reality, help establish your mission and vision, develop plans for engaging others, and more! 

When you are starting a nonprofit, you have many things to think about. Usually, curating a powerful board falls pretty low on that list. However, in order to avoid problems down the road, it’s a good idea to put some thought and effort into developing the kind of board that will help your organization, rather than hold you back. We will help you put the tools in place to ensure you are recruiting the right people for your board and bringing them into your organization in a way that will drive success. 

Every business needs a plan. Nonprofit businesses are no different. Development of a business plan will help you think through all of the pieces of starting and running your organization. Our expertise in nonprofit leadership will ensure that you capture all of the components unique to this industry. Creating your business plan will give you the knowledge and confidence to know if launching your organization is the right move, at the right time. It will also help you find and engage others in your vision. 

Setting up your business can be tedious and confusing. You want to make sure you complete all of the appropriate paperwork with the state and the IRS. If you need assistance filing Articles of Incorporation, establishing trade name, registering as a charitable organization, and filing for nonprofit status – we can help! Note ~ this process can take up to 9 months. 

Board of Directors Makeover

When a founder starts a nonprofit there is so much to do! Most of the attention is focused on getting programs or services up and running. Unless the founder is familiar with how to create and develop a board, this aspect of the business is usually pushed to the back burner. Eventually the organization gets to the point where they need to raise money, apply for grants, or transition leadership. Without a strong board, these efforts will likely fail. 

We guide organizations through developing the tools and processes that will lead to a strong and healthy board. Through clear values, strategic recruiting, consistent processes, and intentional engagement your organization will have a Board of Superheroes in no time! 

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is what connects your mission to your day-to-day activities. Additionally, it provides the structure to engage your Board of Directors in their role of advancing your organization. Taking the time to step away from the operations and work “on” your business is a practice that agencies of any age will benefit from. We customize the planning process based on the needs of your organization and your board. 

Staff Development

One thing that all nonprofits have in common is that they all need people to deliver their mission. Caring individuals with a passion for the cause are the backbone of any organization. Effectively deploying, leading, managing and holding those people accountable is key to running a quality agency. We coach on structure, supervisory skills, and leadership.

Nonprofit Support Team

It’s lonely at the top! As a nonprofit leader, you often have no one to turn to. You have a volunteer Board of Directors who hopefully provide amazing support, but at the same time there are things you don’t really want to hash out with your bosses. You have your leadership team, but they are not walking in your shoes, so their perspective is different. 

This is where the Nonprofit Support Team comes in! NST is a group of nonprofit Executives and CEOs who come together to support one another. With monthly group meetings and one-on-one coaching, you’ll finally have the peer support you need to make great decisions and deliver the impact your agency is committed to providing.

Facilitation & Training

Let’s face it. It’s challenging to both lead a meeting and be engaged in the important discussions that the meeting is all about. Add to that the new demands of creating engaging meetings through remote access, and you may be ready to cancel meetings all together. That’s where Athena comes in! With help constructing the meeting, managing the details, facilitating the discussion and recording the dialog – you can engage in the critical conversations, debates and decisions that will move your company ahead.

Whether it’s through training development and delivery or the creation of outcomes-focused retreats we will help you with the tools and experiences to create the team you want and need for success. Our staff will help you explore your needs, develop the best method of delivery, write curriculum, deliver training or train-the-trainer, and follow-up on results for desired outcomes.