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Nonprofit Services

Leading any business is challenging. Leading a nonprofit organization presents the additional demands of leading a board, focusing on your mission, and of course: fundraising.

You have dreams and aspirations for your organization. You exist to address a critical social need. And this almost always requires money. Few nonprofit organizations will be successful without robust fundraising. In fact, one major benefit you can provide the community is engaging citizens in your work through development. We specialize in helping organizations create structure, engage volunteers, develop plans and action steps, and build successful fundraising campaigns.

How do you recruit quality board members, who will support your mission and drive the vision for your agency? How do you keep volunteers engaged and active in the leadership of your organization? What can you do to make sure your board and committee members feel valued and appreciated? If you have asked yourself any of these questions, we can help. Creating a strong and diverse board is foundational to successful fundraising, so you want to be sure to get this piece right!

Strategic planning is no longer something that happens every 3 to 5 years with long term goals that you check on once a year. A successful nonprofit organization needs to continually compare their purpose for existing with the work they are doing. Creation of a living, breathing strategic plan can keep an organization on track and moving forward. We will help you with the development of a plan; as well as the systems for monitoring, making adjustments, and measuring success.

There’s so much to do, and not enough time in the day or people in the business to get it all done! Outsourcing components of your organization can give you the time to focus on other aspects of running your agency, while also increasing the impact you can provide to your community. Services include: Financial Development, Board Development, Programming, Operations, Training, Team Leadership, Strategic and Operational Planning. Customized services available as well. 

Nonprofit Support Team

It’s lonely at the top! As a nonprofit leader, you often have no one to turn to. You have a volunteer Board of Directors who hopefully provide amazing support, but at the same time there are things you don’t really want to hash out with your bosses. You have your leadership team, but they are not walking in your shoes, so their perspective is different. 

This is where the Nonprofit Support Team comes in! NST is a group of nonprofit Executives and CEOs who come together to support one another. With monthly group meetings and one-on-one coaching, you’ll finally have the peer support you need to make great decisions and deliver the impact your agency is committed to providing.

Executive Coaching

Whether you are navigating a new role, a seasoned executive looking to reach the next level, or seeking assistance with problem-solving, Athena’s client-focused approach will help you move forward. We believe the answers are within you, but sometimes you need guidance to find clarity. With over 15-years of coaching experience we are here to help you to achieve your business and career goals.

Business Consulting

We provide general business consulting to help business owners overcome a variety of obstacles:

It’s a great thing when your business grows, this is often a primary goal! Sometimes with growth comes the challenge of how to upscale your business. Or other times a structure is in place because “that’s the way we’ve always done it”. Having an outside set of eyes look at your staff structure, your accountability plans, your chain of command and more can mean the difference between frustration and breakthrough. 

At Athena we are skilled at looking through your business practices, procedures and policies to help you streamline your operations and discover efficiencies. This can include human resources, recruiting and hiring, financials, communications, change management, customer relationships/customer service, and more. 

If your business or agency has experienced a “mission-drift” or a deviation from the values and culture you once held high, it may be time to take a critical look at these aspects of running your business. We can help you peel back the layers to examine the connection (or lack of) between your purpose, your values, and the work you are focusing on everyday. From there we can help you with realignment and improving culture. 

Wellness Coaching

Being a great leader is extremely demanding. Your team and your business are relying on you. In order to take care of others, you must first take care of yourself. Every individual is different and everyone’s wellness goals are different. We help busy leaders set realistic goals that align with their lives and their vision for wellness.

Facilitation & Training

Let’s face it. It’s challenging to both lead a meeting and be engaged in the important discussions that the meeting is all about. Add to that the new demands of creating engaging meetings through remote access, and you may be ready to cancel meetings all together. That’s where Athena comes in! With help constructing the meeting, managing the details, facilitating the discussion and recording the dialog – you can engage in the critical conversations, debates and decisions that will move your company ahead.

Whether it’s through training development and delivery or the creation of outcomes-focused retreats we will help you with the tools and experiences to create the team you want and need for success. Our staff will help you explore your needs, develop the best method of delivery, write curriculum, deliver training or train-the-trainer, and follow-up on results for desired outcomes.