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Autism Vision of Colorado

The mission of Autism Vision of Colorado is to educate the community on autism and autism awareness; and to create a safe place for individuals on the spectrum and their families to meet one another, support one another and advocate within the community. Founded in 2019, this all-volunteer organization provides a variety of services and events. 

Support Groups are a significant means for connecting people, and connecting people to resources. Autism Vision of Colorado facilitates groups for Teens, LGBTQIA+, Artist and Crafters, Care Givers, and more. These groups provide a safe place for vulnerability, exploration, support and education. 

Sharon Starkey is the founder and Board President. Her personal connection of supporting family members on the spectrum drove her to want to help others who are struggling. She wishes that more people understood that Autism is not a bad thing. Through education, awareness and exposure, Autism Vision of Colorado is working to create a community where all people feel safe and welcome. 

Like many organizations, raising money is their biggest challenge. The good news is, you can help! If you would like to support this amazing cause with your time, money or connections, go to their website. They even have opportunities to sign up for the Amazon Smile or King Soopers Community Rewards programs. These businesses offer third party support from your regular spending. It’s a great way to help, for those who cannot give additional time or money right now. 

Here are two upcoming events where you can learn more and have fun:

  • Pokemon Go event ~ May 21st, 10:00 am to noon at Cottonwood Creek Park
  • Autism Vision of Colorado Annual Picnic ~ June 11th, 10:00 am to 2:00 pm at Nancy Lewis Park

Watch here for more information.

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