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Mission Monday – PACE

If you live in the Springs, you have probably seen the PACE vans driving around or in a parade. And there’s a pretty good chance that when you see them, you make an assumption that they help people who can’t get around on their own. You might even have a general idea that they support our seniors in the community. In speaking with Carolyn Wilson, PR Specialist for Rocky Mountain PACE, I learned that one of the biggest challenges they face is that people in our community do not know about their amazing services. Hopefully this newsletter will help to inform, educate, and spread the word!

PACE stands for Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly. Through comprehensive, integrated services, PACE enriches the lives of seniors. With a goal of helping seniors maintain their highest level of independence possible, they provide services in the areas of support, social, wellness and medical. PACE serves the whole person by addressing their physical, social and emotional health, and giving them a voice in the care they receive. Simple things like transportation and coordinated, supportive services help seniors to access their care.

As we age, our health care becomes more and more complex. By centralizing the services, providers are able to see the client’s whole-health picture in order to make better recommendations and decisions. The services provided at their facility on East Pikes Peak are impressive! To name a few, seniors can access an adult day program, physical therapy, nutritious snacks and meals, recreation programs, dental care, nurses, prescription drugs, social workers, counseling, personal care/laundry services, and much, MUCH more! With the PACE vans, transportation isn’t a barrier to accessing these amazing supports.

To be eligible to access PACE services, clients must be age 55 or older, reside in the community in the PACE service area, and have a need for some level of assisted care. Anyone who is interested in exploring if PACE is right for them or their loved one, should call 719-466-8777. The call center team is dedicated to explaining services, program eligibility, and determining any costs that may be involved.

Those interested in supporting the mission of improving lives, optimizing wellness, and promoting independence, can learn more or make donations here. You can also reach out to Carolyn at or follow them on Facebook. The next time you see one of the PACE vans cruising around town, give them a wave, and share a little bit of your new found knowledge about the great work PACE does to support independence for our seniors.

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